Summer planning

Trail Teams Representing

This weekend at Cars & Coffee was a great chance to get together with some of the team members and start kicking around ideas for some Summer fun.   (See our Cars & Coffee pictures on our Facebook page.)

Stork Mall Crawling
Stork Mall Crawling

We love the Badlands… Its a great park for us here in Central Illinois. But, its also been our ONLY hangout for the past year. We are throwing out ideas right now… Who would be up for a trip to Flat Nasty or Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMORR)? Both are south of St. Louis a fair distance… One is nearly to Springfield MO.


A trip to Colorado is still in the pipeline as well… FJ Summit in July may be sold out… But it would still be a great trip if we made it out to Ouray during the festivities. Moab, Leadville and other stops could be lasso’ed in as well.

Comments, questions, other ideas? Lets hear them!