Tire Report – General Grabber AT2

General Grabber AT2 – Still holding onto some Moab dust.

We don’t talk about tires a whole lot when we talk about upgrades…

I think that is mostly becuase we reserve judgement on tires until they have performed to expectations or fail miserably.

We are 35,000 miles into our General Grabbers on the “Tree Hugger”.  At the time of install, we had no opinion of the Generals. They had fairly good ratings and a great price point.  We didn’t want to break the bank when we made our first trip to Southern Cruiser Crawl two years ago.  Before the Generals, the truck had BF Goodrich AT tires on it.  They had made it through FJSummit 8, but were chopped-up, nearly worn out and making a ton of noise.


Since the Generals were installed at 90,000 miles…  Tree Hugger has since been all over the country checking out a half dozen TLCA events, driven to car shows, made countless Badlands trips and one seldom spoken about Jeep club event.

All that time, the tires have driven smoothly and more importantly… Quietly!   If you make a trip to Utah, the last thing you want to hear for 1300 miles is a rowdy “Wwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” noise.   Thats impressive when you know that we have driven for days on end with 15 to 20lbs PSI.  You would figure that one of of those trips with the air down and hitting a gnarly rock would expose a flaw or even ruin a decent tire.

Missing chunk of tire!

Not so.  In 35,000 miles over two years, we have tore up some treads… And I  noticed this week a outer edge chunk of tread was missing…  But other than this exterior wear, you would think you were driving on new tires.

Negatives?  If you had to nitpick these tires…  And complain about something (That was likely drivers over expectations)…  It would be mud handling.  The aforementioned Jeep event showed that the AT moniker on the sidewall means its its prepared for All Terrain.  Once the rain came out in a midwest off-road trail…  The AT’s decided they could get you around, but not with great confidence.  That trip had me admiring the guys with the Mud Terrain tires.  Then again… The guys with the MT’s have to wear ear plugs on the way home!

All in all….  The General Grabbers are a great everyday tire for a truck that sees its share of on and off road adventures.   I highly recommend them!

FJ Summit 10 – Top of Imogene Pass.





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  1. Nice picture, Steve. I live in NoCal in the East Bay Area, and while it's not unusual for the top of Mt. Diablo itself to have snow, it's a rare treat to have the lower elevation foothills covered as they are right now. Beiutaful.

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