The First Rule of Trail Team

Whats the first rule of trail team?  Any guy/gal who watched a particular movie in the last decade will immediately follow that question with the response:  “Dont talk about Trail Team?”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, “Talk about Trail Team…  A lot” is rule number two!

Rule number one:  Your factory stock Toyota Truck is a capable 4×4 right off the showroom floor.  You do not have to load it up with performance parts to enjoy your Toyota off-road”.

That may seem to contradict what the aftermarket industry is pushing.  There are an endless suppliers lined up to make your truck more “capable”.   This may also seem contradictory to the Fort’s parts department, as they offer some great accessory brands.  But this is the fact:  Your stock truck is ready for anything right out of the box.

Your factory Trail Edition and 4×4 vehicles come with world class mechanical parts.  Axles, suspension components, metal skid plates and the technology to back it all up.

Now…  You are probably saying, “You guys have extra stuff on your trail trucks” and you are right.  We did try for a few years to run completely stock trucks when going to Badlands Offroad Park in Attica, Indiana and FJ Summit 8.

Since that time we have found that leading folks on the trails also requires the ability to assist in the case of a recovery.  It becomes a balancing act of adding features that are a complete necessity while not intimidating our “Daily Driver” customers from running the trails with us.

The 2010 4Runner that we affectionately call “Treehugger” (Long story, ask sometime) had some absolutely necessary items installed this past year.  A winch for recovery and a CB Radio.  Those two items can save a lot of headaches when out on the trails.

Again, with the balancing act…  We dont want those bits and pieces added to the truck to scare you away from seeing what your Toyota truck can do.  These additional items are there to assist when needed!

When we do accessories on our trucks… We stick with tried and true brands.  Our guys back in parts carry Pro Comp, ARB, ICON, OME and TRD equipment that will let your truck grow as much as YOU want to.   Cody, Nate and Mason have been helping equip Toyota owners in the Greater Peoria area for years…  All the while keeping on top of the newest gear.  (The temptation is amazing!)  Our Toyota techs;  Dustin, Drew and James have been installing everything in our Toyota shop.

If you want to build up your truck… We can help.  If you want to leave it “stock”… You will never get an argument from us!

All we ask is that you give us a shout if you want to hit the trails!

See Matt or Eric in service for more details on the Trail Team Excursions.





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