3 Days in Arizona Update

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I got a few messages this week that were wondering if we had a Trail Team trip and didn’t tell anyone! No… It was a bit of an impromptu get-together with Don and a new friend from Southern California.
I had a meeting in Phoenix from Wed to Friday. I knew that Mike Fort had an FJ hidden away nearby and made a plan for weekend camping. Fortunately, Mike was heading that way a few weeks ago and was able to drop off my tent and camping supplies. That was a lifesaver. Otherwise, Allegiants bag fees might have cost me $700 extra!!!
As the conversation progressed with Mike, he asked if I would drive it back. I agreed because I thought it would be fun…. Joke was on me… By Monday night (Tuesday morning) in Oklahoma, I had to get a hotel and crash out! I know guys who drive across the country in one sitting. I have no idea how they do it!
Story about our spring snowstorm and derailed Sedona plans coming soon.